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avon asked in 教育與參考考試 · 2 decades ago



內容: 各位教授你們好!!現在就先讓我自我介紹一下,我的名字叫AVON,來自風景優美的宜蘭,目前是實踐大學風險管理與保險系的學生,我平常除了專注於學校課業之外,也會在課餘的時間打工,一方面可以賺取生活費,另一方面也藉此累積一些社會經驗!我覺得打工好處很多,不但可以擴大我的生活圈,建立和累積人脈,還能增廣見聞.而我最喜歡的運動是打籃球,會常看NBA比賽,打籃球是從高中的時候,培養出來的興趣,,另外,在高中的時候也曾擔任學校合唱團團長,所以,唱歌不但是我的興趣,也是我的專長.從高中就發現自己在領導與管理方面有興趣,常常帶頭做事,更在大學時期修習的管理課程中,確定自己對管理有非常濃厚的興趣,這也是我有想念企管研究所的決心.我很高興有此機會可以到貴系所來面試,希望各位教授給予我這個難得的學習機會,讓我進入貴系所學習更多有關企業管理的知識,以上是我簡短的自我介紹,謝謝各位教授

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    Everybody professor hi!! Now let me selfhood introduce one time first, my name calls AVON, come from scenery beautiful Ilan, now is practice university risk management with insurance department student, I ordinary besides absorbed in in school lesson besides, can at after school time work too, on one hand can earn living expenses, on the other hand herewith cumulates some societies experience too! I feel work profit many, not only can enlarge my life a circle, establish and cumulate person pulse, still can increase wide information. But I favouredest sport play basketball, can always look NBA match, play basketball be from senior high school time, cultivate interest which out,, on the other hand, time have ever undertaken school glee club colonel at senior high school too, so, but sing not my interest, is my speciality too. From senior high school discover oneself and administration aspect have interest at leader, often take the lead work, period repair practise management course in at university much, ascertain oneself have very denseness interest to administration, this is me have miss business administration institute's determination too. I very happy have this chance can go expensive department come interview, hope everybody professor grant me this rare study chance, let I in expensive department study more relevance enterprise regulatory knowledge, above is me brief selfhood introduce, thanks everybody professor

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