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今天在 Taipei times看到這則新聞,但它的標題跟內容讓我有些不懂,


標題: Watchdog groups decry sales to China

CENSORSHIP: From tracking down cyber dissidents to jamming radio broadcasts, press-freedom activists say Beijing depends on foreign suppliers for the technology


Thursday, Nov 03, 2005,Page 1

In their quest for profits, Western companies are selling press muzzling equipment to China, censoring their search engines or blog tools and even passing on information that may help reveal the identity of journalists critical of Beijing, media-freedom groups say.

Equipment by French group Thales is used to jam foreign radio broadcasts while US firm Cisco's technology-savvy machinery censors Internet messages and helps Beijing track down Chinese cyber dissidents, according to the groups meeting at a forum on "China's media meltdown."

US search engine giant Yahoo agreed recently under court order to provide information that the Chinese authorities then used to track down and jail a journalist critical of the administration, the groups said.



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    審查: 從跟蹤cyber 不滿分子對阻塞的無線電廣播, 按自由活動家說北京依靠外國供應商為技術

    AFP, 華盛頓

    星期四, 11月03 日, 2005 年,頁1

    在他們的對贏利的搜尋, 西部公司賣新聞籠嘴的設備到中國, 檢察他們的查尋引擎或blog 工具和平衡通過在也許幫助顯露新聞工作者的身分重要北京的資訊, 媒介自由小組說。

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