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英 文 作 文 第 一 段?

要寫一篇關於夢想的作文第一段要寫關於 Why you want to share your dream/future with us?該怎麼下手?my dream is be a English writer!

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    The question is not correct. It shall be:

    Why do you want to share your dream / future with us?


    My dream is to be an English writer.

    1. Since you have decided to be an English writer, you need to introduce a little bit more / define what it is all about. What kind of writer will you want to be? Journalist, about fiction, travel or what?

    2. Give people some reasons for sharing your dream with them. You may say, that you are willing to share your dream with them, because you may have a chance to find other people, who have the same dream as you do. Or, you think it is fun to share your dream with other people.

    For exsample:

    I have a dream of being an English writer. I always like to write things down and share the, with my friends. Instead of posting them on the website, I think it will be even better to be a professional writer in English. I would like to share my dream with you all, and hopefully you will like to share my stories someday.

    I have done some research about being a professional writer. (then you need make up this part by yourself, because I do not know what kind of writer you want to be.)

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