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What is restriction digestion of DNA

What is the enzymatic method that DNA molecules being sequenced

What is so-called Secdonary Genetic Coding that Christian Anfinsen did to form the foundation for the understanding of Protein Folding

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    Restriction digestion of DNA

    - Restriction Digestion is the process of cutting DNA molecules into smaller pieces with special enzymes called Restriction Endonucleases (sometimes just called Restriction Enzymes or RE's). These special enzymes recognize specific sequences in the DNA molecule (for example GATATC) wherever that sequence occurs in the DNA.

    Enzymatic sequencing of DNA


    mmm.. I don't know about "Secondary Genetic Coding"

    but i do know Christian Anfinsen in the 1950's carried out an experiment and found that 3-D protein folding was based on the amino acid residues contained in the polypeptide chain

    and since polypeptides are products of DNA and based on our genetic code.. maybe that's what it is.. the amino acid sequence of polypeptides

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