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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 1 decade ago


The One You Love

I know you need a friend.

Someone you can talk to

Who will understand what you`re going through.

When it comes to love

There`s no easy answer

Only you can say what you`re gonna do

I heard you on the phone

You took his number

Said you were alone that you called him soon

Isn`t he the guy

The guy who left you crying

Isn`t he the one who made you blue

When you remember those nights in his arms

You know you`ve gotta make up your mind


Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you

Or are you going back to the one you love

Someone`s gonna cry when they know that may lost you

Someone`s gonna thank the stars above

What you gonna say when he comes over

There`s no easy way to see this through

All the broken dreams

All the disappointments

Oh girl, what you gonna do

Your heart keeps saying it`s just not fair

But still you`ve gotta make up your mind (Back to chorus)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The One You Love (你所愛的人) 中譯如下:我知道你需要朋友一個可以談心的對象能夠了解你經歷的事當它牽涉到愛情沒有簡單的答案只有你能決定要怎麼辦我聽到你打電話你撥了他的電話號碼說你現在孤單一人但等一下會再打過去就是他嗎?那個讓你哭泣的男人就是他讓你鬱鬱寡歡當你想起在他懷裡的夜晚你應該明白必須做個決定了你要留在愛你的人身邊還是回到你所愛的人那邊會有人哭泣,當他們知道失去了你有人則會感謝天上星辰當他過來時,你要說些什麼這件事要解決並不容易所有破碎的夢、傷心、失望----你要怎麼做呢你的心喊著"這不公平!"但你還是得做出決定

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