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幫我翻譯 這個字 PAINT

幫我翻譯 這個字  PAINT幫我翻譯 這個字  PAINT

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    paint:v.t.To portray in colors.繪畫。例句:Who painted this picture?誰畫了這幅畫?To describe in words.以言語描寫。例句:Hi is not so black as he is painted.他不是傳聞的那麼壞。To decorate by the use of paint.塗色。例句:He painted the wall green.他將門漆上綠色。To apply medicated liquid to (a sore or wound) with a brush.敷(藥水在傷口上)。例句:The doctor painted iodine on the cut.醫生在傷口上塗碘酒。v.t.To practice the art of making pictures with color.練習彩色畫。例句:He paints well.他畫得不錯。To use artificial color on the face.塗脂抹粉。To put on rouge.塗口紅。片語:paint a black [red] picture of悲觀樂觀]地表現出。paint in畫入。paint out用油漆塗上。paint (sb) black說(某人)壞話。paint the lily畫蛇添足。paint the town red【口】狂歡。be as black as one is painted如人們所說的那麼壞。n.A coloring substance or pigment or a preparation of this, as with oil or water.顏料。Cosmetic rouge.胭脂。片語:Fresh Paint!油漆未乾! (用於標示)

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    n. (名詞 noun)

    1. 油漆,塗料[U]

    2. 繪畫顏料;一套顏料[U][C]

    He bought me a box of paints.


    3. 【舊】化妝品[U]

    4. 塗漆;繪畫作品[U]

    vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)

    1. 油漆;塗以顏色[O8]

    The door was painted blue.


    2. 畫,繪畫

    The boy is painting a tiger.


    3. 【舊】【貶】(用化妝品)塗,搽

    4. 描寫,描繪

    vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)

    1. 油漆

    2. 繪畫

    3. 化妝;塗脂抹粉

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