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在洋基2A和3A期間,總共出賽24場,其中有23場先發,一共取得11勝6敗的成績,防禦率3.50的佳績,獲得洋基隊小聯盟的年度最佳投手獎又稱”Kevin Lawn獎”。王建民在4月25日面對2A的Reading隊時,完封七局,僅被擊出三支安打,投出生涯最高的十次三振,同時榮獲東部聯盟的當周最佳投手(13.0IP, 9H, 1ER, 3BB, 16K)。王建民在7月26號升上3A哥倫布快艇隊,在一敗之後連拿下五連勝,34.1局之中僅僅失四分,防禦率1.05。奧運期間8月15日出戰澳洲國家隊,主投七局無失分拿下勝投,8月21日出戰日本隊,6.2局失三分,表現優異,深受洋基球團讚賞。


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    During foreign base 2A and 3A, attending the compitition 24 times altogether, among them 23 times are sent first , make 6 achievement frustrated of 11 wins altogether, the good result of 3.50 of defending rate, the best pitcher's award of the year of obtaining the foreign little alliance of base team is had another name called " Kevin Lawn award ". Wang JianMin is while facing Reading team of 2A on April 25, finish and seal seven offices , only hit three hits, threw and was born highest three for ten times margins were shaken , win Eastern Conference appropriate week best pitcher at the same time(13.0IP , 9H , 1ER, 3BB, 16K). Wang JianMin rises and goes to 3A Columbus motor boat team on the 26th of July, takes down five straight sets in succession after frustrating , only lose four fen in 34.1 offices , defending rate is 1.05. Go into battle in the Australian national team on August 15 during the course of the Olympic Games, mainly throw seven offices and has not lost and divided and taken down and defeated throwing , go into battle with Japan on August 21, 6.2 offices lose three, the behavior is excellent, the foreign base ball group appreciates deeply. In 2005, big season last half a season of ball of alliance, Wang JianMin attended the compitition 13 times, have send and one relaying first of 12 , in sending first , have nine for take place first while being good in 12, make six wins and three good results frustrated for the team. First while sending on high-quality September 19, he helps and kills it nine times, among them perform for the fourth time in succession and help and kill even more in the 7th game and the 8th game; The whole audience 19 roll the earth and 1 fly to ball altogether.

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