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我很珍惜他 隨時都帶在身上...想到什麼就馬上記下來..




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    The little favorite thing is my PDA in my life,

    He can help me to do a lot of things

    For example say: Can note down a lot of telephones , addresses , act and go through

    Can also record , listen to mp3 ...

    Can also kill time when being boring ...Play a little game

    Feel very fashionable and hold pdaing ...

    This is father in the present for me of my birthday of this year ....

    It is I that have accepted the most valuable the same present too ...

    I treasure him very much Take with oneself at any time ...Think of what on at once write down..

    Correctly it like I not write..

    He bring I a lot the convenient.. Saves much of my time ....

    I really love my PDA very much! !

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    In my livelihood, the PDA could be my favorite plaything.

    It can help my to do many things for example , it could record lots of telephone number, addresses, making my own calendars. It also can be a recorder or listening mp3.

    Sometimes when I felt boring, it could help me to kill the times like playing games.

    Besides I feel so cool having a PDA.

    It's a present from my Dad as my birthday gift, it also be the most expensive one I've ever received.

    I was so cherish my gift and bring it with me always, because I could write it down immediately when something come to my mind, it was really convenience to me and save my time at least it could solve my hand writing problem.

    I really love my PDA for it gave me lots of conveniences and save my time.

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    The small gadget most likes which in mine life is my PDA, he may help

    me to handle very many matters for example to say: May record very

    many telephones, the address, the conduct experience also may record,

    listen to mp3.. Bored time also may kill the time.. Plays a small

    game moreover to take the pda feeling to be very fashionable.. This

    is the daddy the birthday gives my gift in mine this year... Also is

    I has received the most precious same gift.. I treasure him all to

    bring as necessary very much on the body.. Thought any immediately

    takes down. To does not like me which writes saying. He has brought

    very many convenient for me. Saves my very much time... I really

    very much love my PDA! !

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