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*The CVB can make the meeting planner’s job easier

---recommended reliable sources for services

---supply info on facilities and prices

---assist in securing hotel commitment

---help with tour planning

---put the planner in touch with leading businessmen

---act as a liaison between the organization and government officials

---assist with program planning

*CVB funding resources come from

1.Accommodations taxes/hotel room taxes

*largest portion of the funding

*without burdening the local people

*taxes range from a low as 3%~20%

2. Membership dues

3. City tax

4. Operation income special advertising publications

Special events

Education program

Registration free

Convention management

Housing event assistance

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    *CVB 能使會議計畫者工作更容易---為服務推薦消息可靠人士---關於設備和價格提供訊息---與主要商人有聯繫在保護承諾-幫助旅行計畫-的飯店放計畫者幫助---作為在組織和政府官員之間的聯絡---幫助,w 為資源提供資金的CVB * 程式計畫ith 沒有負擔那些範圍稅款*當地人來稅款/最大部分的提供資金的*的*稅款空間飯店from1.Accommodations 從一低作為20% 的2的3% 的會員dues3。 tax4城市。 操作收入特別的廣告publicationsSpecial eventsEducation programRegistration freeConvention managementHousing 事件幫助  

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