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This new chromatic range was carried over into 人名 later Irish paintings, following his permanent return to Ireland in 1990.

Undeterred by failing eyesight, he found new modes of expression in works such as Sense of Old Place (1997) in which the watery depths of the pond spread out to encompass the entire landscape.

人名 continued working almost up to the time of his death in January 2003, true to his feelings, expressed in an interview The Sunday Tribune in 1984, have no time for people who mess about, doing nothing when it suits them here so much to do.

If I run out of canvas I just paint over something Ie already done. I an old man and I started painting late. I dont want to waste any time?



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    未受弱視阻礙的他發現新方法在於工作的描繪上,如1997年的畫作Sense of Old Place,於畫作中池塘傳達的含水深度包括在整個風景畫內.

    (人名) 繼續工作幾乎一直到他死的那一天2003年1月,他的感覺真實地表達訪談在1984年的畫作中The Sunday Tribune ,對處於混亂的人類來說已經沒有時間了.當它適應他们(而有許多要去做).如果我用盡油畫布,我只能畫完一些我已經完成的畫作.我(是)一位老人而且晚於繪畫,我不想浪費任何時間.

    Source(s): 自己,翻譯軟體(有些句子好像不完整)
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