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上棉ㄉ內容就麻煩各位一下ㄌ ! !

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    1 decade ago
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    About Halloween origin, fable most editions believed that, that is the source is born the before ancient Western Europe country to Christ, mainly includes Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These ancient westerners are called Druid the person. Druid new year in November 1, the new year's eve, Druid the person lets the young people collection team, wears each kind of strange mask, carries is engraving the good radish lamp (pumpkin lamp is the later period custom, ancient Western Europe most early does not have pumpkin), their You Tsouyu between village. This in the regulations was one kind of fall harvest celebration at that time; Also has said is "the ghosts' festival", the fable same year died the person, the soul could visit the world in Halloween eve, it is said the people should let the ghost which visited see the complete crop and presented sumptuous receiving cordially to the ghost. All bonfires and lights, first in order to frighten the ghost, simultaneously also illuminates the route for the ghost, guides its return. In middle ages Central Europe's, once had Christianity to destroy heathen's history. But in front of the new lunar new year's eve sacrificial offering celebration never truly eliminates, but by witchcraft form appearance. Why is this also we now in Halloween, but also remains has trace and so on sorceress's broom, Black Cat, incantation.

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