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我好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助 無助的讓人想痛哭

我只想要和你在一起 朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜

我只想要和你不分離 怎麼輕易放棄說你忘記

愛情怎麼會讓每顆心都碎 我不再相信你 卻又慢慢想起你......


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    I want to hold you to complain,but I seem to be helpless,so helpless that I want to cry.I just want to be with you,to go toward happiness,as sweetly as lovers do.I just don't want to be apart from you,and how can it be easy to forget?Why does love break every single heart.I don't want to believe you,but can't help thinking about you.

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