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    The movies such like Lady and the Tramp, Lion King, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid...etc, are absolutely my favourate Walt Disney animations. You could easily be attracted to the magic of Disney, and it doesn't really matter what your age is. All the beautiful of Disney's world could be attributed to Mr. Walt Disney, who always hold enthusiasm and devotion toward lives and children. It was him who set up Disney Land and make children's dream really come true. It is true that people might call him a glutton for work but he is still so admirable by creating his own wonderland. Regardless the time passing away, I believe the "Forever Super Star" in animation world, Micky Mouse, will still be the precious in every child's mind and keep shining in the future.



    這樣大概是 "看的懂"到"還不錯"中間吧 XD

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