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    The birds and beasts flu threatened on first to aggravate on first,

    the agricultural commission prepares the feeling pressure, decided on

    the other day, picks the high standard comprehensively to guard

    against stops up the migratory bird to bring the virus; Once discovers

    the poisonous bird, no matter the care or the non- care class, all

    execute summarily! Even if is "the national treasure level" the black

    surface 琵 heron, the treatment is also same.

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    Avian Flu 才是禽流感的英文

    建議去買最近幾期的 Newsweek 都在講這些


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    The poultry flu threatened to aggravate for one day on the first, the agricultural commission prepared against and felt the pressure, determined a few days ago, quarry and defend and stop up the migratory bird and bring the virus high-standardly in an all-round way; Once find poisonous bird, no matter child care or child care type, kill on the spot with the authority of the law without exception! Even ' the most favourite black egret of plucked string instruments with a fretted fingerboard ', treatment too.

    Source(s): Dr.eye6.0
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