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求助簡單易懂英文故事兩則 20點 (越短越好越 需中文翻譯)




很簡單唸又很短的英文故事 兩篇


拜託各位大大~ 幫幫忙吧!!


若沒有兩篇 一篇也行 懇請各位幫忙

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    Three Surgeons Three famous surgeons were bragging about their skills. "A man came to me who had his hand cut off," said one. "Today that man is a concert violinist." "That's nothing," said another. "A guy came to me who had his legs cut off. I stitched them back on, and today that man is a marathon runner." "I can top both of you," said the third. "One day I came on the scene of a terrible accident. There was nothing left but a horse's posterior - and a pair of glasses. Today that man is seated in United States Senate." 中文翻譯::三個外科醫生 三個有名的外科醫生正在吹噓他們的技術。“一個人斷了一只手,他來找我,”一個說,“如今那個人是個音樂會的小提琴手。” “這算不了什么,”另一個說。“一個家伙兩條腿斷了,他來找我,我將它們接了回去。如今,那人是馬拉松選手。” “我比你們兩個都強,”第三個說,“一天,我碰到一起可怕的車禍。除了一個馬屁股,和一幅眼睛,什么都沒有留下。如今,那人坐在美國參議院里。” ---------------------------------------------------------Class and Ass Professor Laurie put his notice on his door: "Professor Laurie will not meet his classes today." A student, after reading the notice, rubbed out the "c". Later Professor Laurie came along, and entering into the spirit of the joke, rubbed out the "l". 班和笨驢勞里教授在門上貼了這樣一個通知:“勞里教授今天不見他的班級。” 一個學生讀了通知后,擦掉了字母“c”(lass:姑娘)。 后來勞里教授來了,也想開開玩笑,他擦掉了字母“l”(ass:笨驢)。 -------------------------------------------------------------------I Taught the Teacher Mother asked her little boy, "Darling, what did the teacher teach you today?" "Nothing, Mum," answered the son proundly, "instead, she asked me how much one plus two was, and I told her three." 我教老師 母親問她年幼的儿子:“寶貝,今天老師教了你些什么?”   儿子驕傲地說:“什么都沒教,媽媽。她反倒問我一加二等于几,我告訴她等于三。”

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