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Dad: give me a reason to explain why did you never come home this month?

Son: it’s none of your business!

Dad: what’s the hell none of my business? I’m your father. I have to be responsible for your behaviors.

Son: I’m not a kid! What I do is my matter without the relation with you.

Dad: what’s kind of your attitude? What were you dissatisfied with our home?

Son: you have no idea, how pain was I when living in your home. I don’t have any freedom to make friends who belong to my personal space.

Dad: you had! I’ve given that.

Son: it wasn’t! When I brought my friends home, you had many arguments and complained it every time. Don’t you know how the shamed I suffer!?

Dad: but the targets were all girls. I don’t allow the situation which you married yet!

Son: we love with each other. Even if I didn’t bring her home, I was still also to live together!

Dad: what!? You mean that you and she lived together all month!!

Son: even if it’s true, so what! That’s my private matters!

Dad: I don’t disregard what you do in the future. You must finish your studies at least!

Son: I don’t care about my studies. I just want to get a job to make money and live with my girlfriend.

Dad: if you persist in your way, you’ll regret to decide the rash way in future!

Son: I had decided the result. Even if I break off the relation, I don’t mind.

Dad: a bastard! You arrange your all items and get out my home right now!

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    其實如果以您的草稿來對話,都可以聽得懂,只是因為是對話,我建議改口語一些。藍色字部分是我的建議。爸:給我一個好理由為什麼你這一個月都沒有回家。子:干你屁事!!Dad: Give me a good reason why you did not come home during the past month.Son: None of your business.爸:什麼干你屁事,我是你的父親,我必須為你的所做所為負責。子:我已經不是小孩子了,我想怎樣就怎樣,與你無關。Dad: None of my business?  As your father, I have to be responsible for what you do.Son: I am no longer a kid.  I can do whatever I want to, and it's really none of your business.爸:你這什麼態度,你對這個家到底有什麼不滿?子:你根本不知道我在這個家生活的有多痛苦,我根本沒有交友自由。Dad: Attitude!  What can you complain about the family?Son: You don't know at all how painful I am in the family.  I don't have the freedom to make friends.爸:有啊,我有給你交友自由啊。子:最好,我每次帶回來的朋友你都有意見,你知道這樣我有多丟臉嗎?Dad: I surely give you the freedom to make friends.Son: You'd better do.  Whenever I invite friends home, you have opinions about them.  Do you know how embarrassed I am?爸:可是對方可是女孩子啊,沒結婚就帶回家過夜。子:我們互相喜歡,即使我沒帶回家,我依然能跟他同居。Dad: But your friend is a girl.  How can you take her home without marrying her in advance?Son: We love each other, and we can still live together even if I don't bring her home.爸:你的意思是你一個月前都跟她同居?(驚嚇狀)子:是又怎樣,這是我自己的事。Dad: You mean you have been living together since one month ago? (stunned)Son: So what?  It's my own business!爸:我不管你未來要做什麼事,至少你要把你的大學唸完。子:我可不在乎我的學業,我只想要馬上出去工作,跟我的女朋友一起生活。Dad: I don't care what you are doing in future.  At least you have to finish university first.Son: I don't care about my schoolwork.  What I really care about is find a job and live together with my girlfriend.爸:如果你一意堅決,未來你將會因為你的魯莽決定而後悔。子:我已經決定了,就算斷絕關係,我也無所謂。爸:好啊,你現在馬上去收捨你的東西,給我滾出去。Dad: If you really insist, you will regret for the rude decision in future.Son: I have already made up my mind, no matter we are no longer father and son.Dad: Okay!  Now pack your stuff and get out of here!

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    Father : Give I one fine reason why you this piece come back home month.

    Son: Do your trifling matter! !

    Father : Some does your trifling matter, I am your father, I must be responsible for by yours.

    Son: I am not a child, I do what one pleases, have nothing to do with you.

    Father : What attitude it will be you, you have to the house what dissatisfied really?

    Son: It is in this family that you do not know me at all much agony in life, I have not made friends at all freely.

    Father : Have, I for you to make friends freely.

    Son: You had better, you have an suggestion , the friend whom I brought back each time, do you know how disgraced I am like this?

    Father : But the other side girl, does not get married to take home and spend the night .

    Son: We like each other, even if I have not taken home , I can still live together with him .

    Father : You mean that you lived together with her one month ago? (frighten the form)

    Son: How also it is, this I own thing.

    Father : I, no matter what you is it make to take in the future, you should finish reading your university at least.

    Son: I do not mind my study, I only want to go out to work at once, live with my girlfriend.

    Father : If a purpose of yours is firm, you will regret because of your crude and rash decision in the future.

    Son: I have already decided, even if cut off relation, I do not mind either.

    Father : Sure, you will go to accept the thing which give up you at once now, will get out. ㄐ

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