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    The Yellow Wallpaper (By Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

    In this classic late-nineteenth-century story by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman, a new mother suffering from what we might today call 'post-partum depression,' is diagnosed with a nervous disorder. Instructed to abandon her intellectual life and avoid stimulating company, she sinks into a still-deeper depression invisible to her husband, who believes he knows what is best for her. Alone in the yellow-wallpapered nursery of a rented house, she descends into madness.

    Source(s): 這裡有故事全文^_^ 好看喔
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  • 1 decade ago

    可以去找中文版的大意啊。推薦譚艾美的喜福會The Joy Luck Club。不過由於內容太多,我實在懶得打,他有拍成電影,可以去租來看。

    阿甘正傳Forest Gump也是有電影、中英文小說。

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