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請問一下有哪幾個網站可以跟外國人聊天的 可是是要講英文的 因為我想學英文阿 請給我網址謝謝!~

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    Vassiliki/Greece/1978/f married to my beloved Manos since march 15th 2004.

    On September we are expecting our first baby!I like reading, listening to music, corresponding,going to the gym, surfing the net, going to the cinema etc. I am looking for long-letter pals from all over the world! My e-mail I am looking forward to meeting new people!

    Layne/Texas/37/f. I am a South African, married to an American, and we live in Magnolia, Texas. We met online and I moved with my two children (11 and 12) to the US five years ago. I have a passion for photography, I am developing a keen interest in cooking, I enjoy reading and of course I love penpalling. I started this wonderful hobby when I was 13 and appreciate the wonderful friendships I have all over the world. I prefer snail mail only and would like new pals especially from the following countries: Poland; Ireland; South America (any country); Italy; France; Hungary and Japan. I would prefer to write only if you are genuinely interested in a long-term friendship.

    Kim, Victoria, Australia,37/F/Married/ SAHM of 4, 90,92, 94, 02, collects postcards, travel brouchures, I would prefer long chatty letter pals, snail mail. looking for a pal in France, italy, and anywhere that will be a real friend not a once in a while"opps I forgot to answer you"pal!

    Marcia Gavorcik 39/Married/F, seeking email pals only. Love making friends, collecting angels, cats, dogs, anything Christian related, snowmen, and teddy bears. I can add names to graphics in my PSP8 and I have many thousands of graphics in my collection. I love going to church and helping others as I can. I'm Irish/Polish/German, and am from Ohio USA.

    Elton Jesus do Amaral, from Brazil. I like to meet friends from all over the world and to swap postcards, phonecards and FBs.

    If you be intersted write to my e-mail address:

    Federica 1983/F/Italy NPW NSW A/A

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    Lynn, 1967/F, Norway, Married, I'm British and married to a Norwegian.

    Likes penpalling, scrapbooking, cats, music, cooking and travelling.

    Snailmail only.

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    Monica, 31, Italy - loves: snail mail, books, movies, music, animals...

    2005-10-29 20:35:55 補充:

    Joana ~ 24 ~ Portugal ~ ~ into: music (heavy metal, hard rock, gothic,...), books, trips, vampires, castles, candles, stories, art, letters, Internet, ...

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    它是一對一的 全部用英文 有點類似MSN 用打字的

    而且每次上去跟你聊的人都不是同一個 所以不會每次都是聊一樣的話

    有的還可以聊別國語言 像日語 不過不能聊太久 因為它懂的日語不多

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