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About “if agree abortion or not “this question, maybe most of many people is dissent. Because they to think that embryos are individuals that they have life. So be abortion is abortion.

But I agree, because gestation is not only a new being to be born, but also a new hope be born. But if a no financial capability or financially dependent person gestation that childbirth the new being is fine or not? Not sure, and maybe to make the encumbrance of the society!

Think about the foundlings, orphans and convicts of the society, why they exist in?

Maybe them parents were died in accident, but most of them almost all no financial capability or financially dependent parents to desert. Ex.: The minority girl.

So, who is the sufferer? Is they parents? No, are the children of to walk out on.

When they grow up, maybe can to get on, but most of them well are influence to sin.

So I agree to abortion.




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    其實你的文章如果用中文來看的話是很順暢 英文來說就稍微差了一點了 但是應該也是可以用


    The idea of supporting abortion is debated fiercely by people, because they think that it is too mean to kill the embryos which represent precious, individal lives. 然後直接接上皆下來的句子 :(因為是在說同一件事情)I agree with it, because there are still people who cannot afford to have gestation, because of financial issues. The children could not be guaranteed fine after being given birth. Maybe the child's parents died in an accident, then he/she becomes a foundlying or an orphans, even becomes convicts after they grow up because he/she has no parents. But in most of the cases, the reasons foundlyings and orphans exist because their parents cannot afford the financail sopport of raising children. Their parents are mostly teenagers. Who is the victim? the parents? No. Their children? No! The sad thing is that those children will be influenced by sins, then become the encumbrance of the society. In conclusion, I agree with the idea of abortion.

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    最好是附上原文中文 這樣比較好翻譯 不然可能會造成誤解

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    The question "if agree to abortion or not" may be an issue that most of people dissent. Because they think that embryos are also living individuals, abortion is equal to killing.

    In fact, I agree with it because gestation is concerning not only a new being but also a new hope in one's life. If a couple in bad financial status is going to have a baby, I doubt the birth of this new being is good for everyone or not. Moreover, by the growing amount of these irresponsible people, the problems, such as foundlings, orphans and convicts, would become an encumbrance to the society.

    These homeless children maybe lost their parents by accidents, but most of them are deserted by incompetnet parents, like people who are minorities.

    Therefore, in the end, the sufferers would be those deserted children. If they are lucky enough, they can get on in life, but if not, they tend to degenerate into crime.

    As the examples given above, I do agree to the validity of abortion.

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