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    楓葉如此,生命如此,在面臨凋零之前也會努力綻放它的色彩。楓葉代表了生命的意義。楓葉要染上美麗的火紅色彩,也需歷經多重考驗,過程必需吸收充分的陽光,且每遇寒冷的秋雨後就愈發艷麗。The maple leaf is such, the life is such, at face floating about before also will work hard to bloom its color. The maple leaf represented the meaning of the life.The maple leaf wants to be infected by the fire red of the beauty to be colourful, also needing to experience successively the much heavy test, the process must absorb the full sunlight, and meet the chill each time of autumnal rains behind deliver more gorgeous.

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    Maple leaves are so. Life is so. They both bloom their colors all they can even right before they wither.


    Both maple leaves and life alike bloom their colors all they can even right before they wither.


    Maple leaves represent the meaning of life. Before they are died the gorgeous color of fiery red, they have to overcome many obstacles. They must absorb abundant sunlight and become beautiful only after being showered in the cold autumn rain.

    因此我們活著,必須時時告訴自己:要盡力燃燒生命的價值。即使生活當中常遇到不順遂的事,但生命的無常我們也只能如此,直到最後最後那一天,我們也能驕傲的回想,至少我們活過、舞動了最精采的一生。這正是秋楓的意義:面臨死亡卻能將生命閃耀。Therefore while we are alive, we must tell ourselves to use up all the value of our lives.  Even if we come across obstacles, but life is such that we have to go on until the last day.  We will be able to think back proudly: at least we lived a fabulous life!  This is the true meaning of autumn maple leaves: shimmer even when facing death.

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