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請英文高手幫忙一下~~用下面的片語造句~~一個句子最少要10個單字~~謝謝~ 2.get ready to 3.load..onto the foot of least 6.If... 7.hand out 8.keep shape 9.after all 10.most of the time 11.turned inside out 12.side out 13.get grip on 14.once and for all in all directions 16.separate from 17.make a living 18.take over 19.brain power 20.common sense 23.slipped into 24.hang up


我少寫到兩題~~拜託~~在回答一下吧~~21.make..from 22.remove..from

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    1. I was so nervous that I could only stand in silence.2. The teacher will ask you if you get ready to take the exam.3. He loaded a lot of food and drinking water onto his truck.4. It is said that some native residents live at the foot of this mountain. 5. He has to pay at least ten thousand dollars for the used bike.6. If the forest is destroyed, many wild animals will lose their habitats.7. The teacher asked the student to hand out the new textbooks.8. Modern people have to take a lot of exercise to keep shape. 9. Do not blame his too harsh, for he is a child after all.10. She spent most of the time taking care of the newborn baby.11. The box fell onto the floor and turned inside out.12. The ball touches the ceiling and side out is declared.13. He tried all his best to get a grip on the whole incident.14. This time, they decided to solve the problem once and for all.15. The disturbed wild birds ran in all directions right away. 16. The Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from Mainland China.17. The old man makes a living by collecting and selling used paper.18. A new manager will take over this company next month.19. A lot of brain power went into solving these thorny problems.20. It is just common sense that eating too much is harmful to health.21. In terms of natural resources, we can make paper from wood.22. After discussion, they decided to remove his name from the list. 23. A little boy slipped into the classroom before the teacher came in.24. Hang up the phone when you end your conversation on the phone.歡迎後續達人補充,但請勿抄襲上述心血所得。

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