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生活型態的定量衡量方法最初被視為心理統計變數。心理統計變數係試圖將消費者放在心理學的層面上,心理統計變數重點在研究消費者之活動(activites)、興趣(interests)、及意見(opinions),其定義如下:(一)活動(activity):一種具體的行動。例如觀看電視、購物等活動,雖然這些活動可界觀察而得,但是對於產生這些行動的原因並不易直接衡量。(二)興趣(interest):對某些事物或主題,人們產生特殊或持續性的注意。(三)意見(opinion):指個人對外界環境的刺激所引起的狀況,給予的表達。可以用來表達人們對事物的解釋、期望及評價。例如:對事物的看法。最常使用的AIO量表為Plummer所提出的AIO(Activities, Interest, Opinion)變數,Plummer認AIO三項之外還需加入人口統計變數,總共為四個構面,如表2-2所示:

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    The living type measures The fixed amount that lives the type measures the method is at first seen as the mental covariance variable.The mental covariance variable is the level that tries to put consumer in the psychology up, the mental covariance variable point is studying the activity(activites),interest(interests),and opinion(opinions) of the consumer, it defines as follows:(A)Activity(activity):A kind of concrete action.For example take a look at the activities, such as television and shopping...etc., although these activity can the boundary observation and get, for produce the reason of these actions to also measure not easily and directly.(Two)Interest(interest):To the some things or the topics, the people produce the special or contiguously sexual attention.(Three)Opinion(opinion):Point personal outward the incitement of the boundary environment causes of condition, the expression for giving.Can use to express the people to the thing of hermeneutic,the expectation and evaluation.For example:To the viewpoint of the thing.The AIO quantity form that often uses most is the AIO(Activities, Interest, Opinion) variable that the Plummer puts forward, the Plummer recognizes the AIO three outside to still need to join the census taking variable, alling amount to four factorses, as the table 2-2 show:

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    Life condition weight

    The life condition quota weight method is regarded as at first the psychological statistics variable. The psychological statistics variable is attempts the consumer to put in the psychology stratification plane, the psychological statistics variable key is studying activity the consumer (activites), the interest (interests), and the opinion (opinions), its definition as follows: (1) activity (activity): One kind of concrete motion. For example watches activity and so on television, shopping, although these activities may the observation, but regarding not not easily has these motions reasons certainly directly to weigh. (2) interest (interest): To certain things or subject, the people have special or the long-enduring attention. (3) opinion (opinion): Refers to condition which individual foreign environment stimulates causes, gives expression. May use for to express the people to the thing explanation, the expectation and the appraisal. For example: To thing view. Most often uses the AIO meter is AIO which Plummer proposed (Activities, Interest, Opinion) the variable, Plummer recognizes outside the AIO three items also to have to join the population statistic variable, altogether is four constructions surface, if the table 2-2 shows:

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