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後來姐姐到外地去唸書 家裡只剩我一個人在樓上 平常回家就到樓下去找媽媽 因為樓上很空盪 無趣 最後變成不喜歡回家 因為回家很無意義 沒人能陪我聊天看電視 在家的娛樂變成自己一個人聽音樂 上網 雖然姐姐很囉唆 但沒人來煩我的時候 生活變的乏味

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    Later on my older sister went out of the country to study, so I'm left alone in up stairs at my house. Usually when I come home, I'll go down stairs to find my mother. Because up stairs is very empty and boring, I don't like to be at home. Going home doesn't make any sense because no one will watch tv and chat with me. The entertainment I do at home is listening to music and surfing the internet. Eventhough, my sister is very anoying; however, when no one is anoying me, my life tends to be boring.

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    Elder sister later on get other places is it study family leave I is it get downstairs is it look for mother because of very hollow to is it is not it come back home to dislike to become finally while being barren upstairs to go to come back home usually upstairs alone only to go There is not a meaning very much to go home No one can accompany me to chat and watch TV The amusement at home turns into and listens to the music alone Net surfing Though the elder sister is very wordy When no one is tired of me It is dull that life changes

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