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    The hand-puppet show is one of the most deep recollections in most Taiwanese people's childhood, saying with the ageing person to three and 40 years old, the impression is particularly deep.Wild set,television in square,countryside before the temple, even in the theater,broadcasting station, the hand-puppet show is an important experience in the growth process!

    The Taiwanese hand-puppet show turns into up to now, still is the television hand-puppet show to dominate one square, but change with each passing day along with the media, it broadcasts the type to also have the change, currently it is thus clear that of have the videotape for rent of sale,cabled T.V. system,the satellite television to broadcast etc. method, anticipate hereafter more would by movie,network,video game to expand the more recent visual field.

    The hand-puppet show experienced the flounder in Taiwan,disappointed, also enjoyed to fulfil the honour and pride.Have the very unique times meaning of a traditional art creation, still attracts the young man of the new generation to appreciate up to now, also be regarded as the miracle that the Chinese traditional play grows!

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