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    First, leap your favor two, your favor country small 20th anniversary school anniversary special issue three, your favor country slightly introduced the Jiayi County your favor national elementary school had been established on August 1, 1965, successively holds Zhang Shuimin, the Chen bright light, the king too greatly, Cai Ch'iuhung, the clock is sensitive and so on principal leads the school service, separately leads the different time your favor. But similarly outstanding perfect your favor teaching team, then cultivates the innumerable outstanding alumni, becomes the social country the backbone individual contribution. Incumbent Principal Zhao Meihui on August 1, 2004 assumes a post from, positively strives for the equipment funds, opens the multiplex mass organization, develops nine years consistent curriculum, creates the schoolchild high quality study paradise. At present the class progression ordinary class 21 classes, the resources class 1 class and especially teaches the class 1 class, altogether has the student 500 people, the teaching and administrative staff 32 people. The forecast future, your favor group teaching team will grasp the school fine tradition, will build the warm learning environment, simultaneously will make every effort to strive, lets the large number of students in your favor study paradise, the health joyful growth and will be healthy.

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    王太宏也翻得不賴~king too greatly

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    陳明光:Chen Bright Light


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