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    As the leader, your groundwork is to create victors. A real leader, his secret of winning is

    Enable the staff to succeed in authorizing. The real leader is not that one does not have huge stone carving of any shortcoming to look like, it was in fact aptest to be broken at that time.

    Leader let subordinate to a ministry clear higher authorities expectation in they soon at the beginning, know the strict but feasible demand, it is an expression of having confidence subordinate to a ministry. The leader, regard believing in and respecting as the foundation, strengthen the all-out idea subordinate to a ministry, and match one's deeds with one's words. Leader, should do the best to meet the demand subordinate to a ministry, so that subordinate to a ministry can finish the work actively.

    Should for being subordinate to a ministry to prove reason of task set up the foundation of trust by this too. It it gives but also leader to be subordinate to a ministry by the front one back to,

    Let subordinate to a ministry to is it succeed to experience, require subordinate to a ministry to have suitable and heavy and obedient not merely, want knowledge that excite even more, and does not die in Israel subordinate to a ministry

    Ask personal privilege or comfortable, should with subordinate to a ministry to go through thick and thin altogether in case of necessity. The leader should permit the mistake, offer the chance of study subordinate to a ministry, should disclose praise and criticize privately too, should draw a clear-cut line between reward and punishment too. Leader with subordinate to a ministry to should respect the other side's value and dignity each other, behave in taking action.

    The leader listens attentively to the heartfelt wishes, open mind wide the most importantly, let them lead oneself, lie in authorizing importantly, main encouragement is showing loving care for and admitting.

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