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    當名詞用:l價格;價錢1. The price of that house is high. 那座房子的價格很高。2.What is the price of this diamond ring? 這只鑽戒的價格是多少?3.What's the price of this one? 這一個要多少錢?4.What price are you asking? 你要什麼價錢?l代價1. A life of toil is generally the price of fame and success. 勞苦的一生通常是聲望和成功的代價。2.Isn't bad health a high price to pay for the pleasure of drinking? (寓言)為了飲酒之樂而損害健康,這代價不是太高了嗎?當動詞用:(動詞變化-priced, pricing)l定價,標價1.The beauty parlour priced itself out of the market by charging so much. 那美容院自己定價過高,以致無人問津。2.In any shop all goods should be clearly priced. 任何一家商店所有的貨物都應該標明價目。3. Mother is pricing rugs. 媽媽在打聽小地毯的價格。4.They priced oil out of the competitive market. 他們把油價定得過高而被擠出競爭劇烈的市場。習慣用語:1.above/beyond/without price 寶貴的;無價的 a price 付出很大代價;昂貴 any price 無論花多大代價;無論如何4. filling at the price 物美價廉5.give a long price for 高價購買6.make a price 開價;定價7.not at any price 絕對不賣8.salt prices 謊價;虛價9.set/put a price on somebody 懸賞緝拿某人10.set at no price 看得不值錢;毫不器重11.price out of the market 定價過高以致無人問津

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