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Low temperatures (0-2C) and high relative humidity (90-95%), coupled

with various physical and chemical treatments, are reported to be effective in

extending the storage life of litchi fruit to around 3-4 weeks (Scott et al. 1982;

Revathy and Narasimham 1997; Ray 1998). Storage life can be further

extended by using controlled atmosphere (CA) techniques in which storage

atmosphere is precisely controlled to low O2 along with low

temperature throughout the storage period. Vilasachandraet al. (1997) stored

litchi fruits ( cv. Mauritius) for 22 days in CA storage with six selected com-

binations of O2 and CO2 concentrations at 5C. Fruits stored in 3% O2 5%

CO2 and 4% O2 5% CO2 were rated higher in retention of flavor and texture

than fruits obtained from the other treatments stored under higher CO2 per-

centage. The study was conducted only for 22 days, although its storage life

could be enhanced further. Hence, the present study was conducted to evaluate

the quality parameters of litchi fruit during long-term CA storage.


Litchi Fruit

Full mature litchi fruits, cv. Bombay, having cherry bright color were

Harvested from an orchard of Horticulture Research Station, Bidhan Chandra

Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Monduri, Nadia (India) buring harvest seasons of

May 2000 and 2001 and transported to the ladoratory within 6 h of harvesting.

The fruits were sorted for any visible injury sustained during transportation.

A representative sample sample of five litchi fruits were selected for determination of physical parameters. Each fruit was divided into three fractions, namely peel, pulp and stone, and weighed. Each fraction was expressed in percent of initial weight of whole fruit (Table 1).


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    低溫(0-2C) 並且高相對濕度(90-95%), 結合以各種各樣的物理和化療, 被報告是有效的 延長荔枝保存期限結果實對大約3-4 個星期(史考特・等。 1982 年;Revathy 和Narasimham 1997 年; 光芒1998) 。 保存期限可能是更加進一步由使用延伸受控大氣(加州) 技術存貯大氣精確地被控制對低O2 與低落一起,溫度在儲藏期過程中。 Vilasachandraet al 。 (1997) 存放。荔枝果子(cv 。 毛里求斯) 22 天在加州存貯與六選擇了com- O2 和二氧化碳含量binations 在5C 。果子被存放在3% O2 5% 裡的二氧化碳和4% O2 5% 二氧化碳更高對了估計在味道和紋理的保留,比果子被獲得從其它治療被存放在更加高級的二氧化碳之下每centage。研究進行了只22 天, 雖然它的保存期限能進一步被提高。 因此, 本研究被舉辦評估,荔枝質量參量結果實在長期加州存貯期間。材料和方法荔枝果子充分的成熟荔枝果子, cv 。 孟買, 有櫻桃明亮的顏色是收穫從園藝研究工作站果樹園, Bidhan ChandraKrishi Vishwavidyalaya, Monduri, Nadia (印度) buring 的收穫季節2001 年5月2000 年和和運輸對ladoratory 在6 h 之內收穫。果子被排序了為任一可看見的傷害遭受在運輸期間。五荔枝果子一個代表性抽樣樣品被選擇了為物理參量的決心。 各果子被劃分了成三個分數, 即果皮, 黏漿狀物質和石頭, 並且稱。 各個分數以百分比被表達了最初的重量整體果子(表1) 。

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    低溫(0-2C) 並且高相對濕度(90-95%), 被結合

    以各種各樣的物理和化療, 被報告是有效的

    延長荔枝保存期限結果實對大約3-4 個星期(史考特・等1982 年;

    Revathy 和Narasimham 1997 年; 光芒1998) 。保存期限可能是更加進一步

    由使用延伸受控大氣(加州) 技術存貯

    大氣精確地被控制對低O2 與低落一起

    溫度在儲藏期過程中。Vilasachandraet al. (1997) 被存放

    荔枝果子(cv. 毛里求斯) 22 天在加州存貯與六選擇了com-

    O2 和二氧化碳含量binations 在5C 。果子被存放在3% O2 5% 裡

    二氧化碳和4% O2 5% 二氧化碳更高對了估計在味道和紋理的保留


    centage 。研究進行了只22 天, 雖然它的保存期限

    能進一步被提高。因此, 本研究被舉辦評估




    充分的成熟荔枝果子, cv. 孟買, 有櫻桃明亮的顏色是

    收穫從園藝研究工作站果樹園, Bidhan Chandra

    Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Monduri, Nadia (印度) buring 的收穫季節

    2001 年5月2000 年和和運輸對ladoratory 在6 h 之內收穫。


    五荔枝果子一個代表性抽樣樣品被選擇了為物理參量的決心。各果子被劃分了成三個分數, 即果皮, 黏漿狀物質和石頭, 和被稱了。各個分數以百分比被表達了最初的重量整體果子(表1) 。

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