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    1.You do not want so arrogant ok or not, one day I will catch up yours.

    2.You should go to a B side to wait the car in February, you will be able to arrive Kaohsiung.

    3.Sorry, you say what, can repeat one more time?

    4.You do not love to take care of so how about it, I take care of good yourself.

    5.The where there is a will matter becomes unexpectedly.

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    1.Don't be so proud, I will catch up with you someday.

    2.You should go to platform II B side, you can arrive Kao Xoung from there.

    3. Excuse me. What did you say. Could you repeat it again ?

    4. Don't restrict me so much, take good care of yourself.

    5. Where there is a will, there is a well.

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