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What are the differences between Western and Taiwanese higher education methos??


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  • Linda
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    2 decades ago
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    There are many differences between the Western higher education methods and the Taiwanese higher education methods. The reasons of these differences occur are mostly based on the expectations from educators, sociaties and other cultural foundation.

    For exsample, the Taiwanese educators may expect students to listen and read whatever the educators think that is important. They may prepare a lot of material, and ask you to memorize it and use it. But it is not the way that the Western educators will do. They give students the study directions at class, and expect you to research more material to fill out the context by yourself.

    Honestly, I do not know if the answer is what you want. The question does not look right to me...

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  • andy
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    Dear linda886tw~

    Thanks for answering.

    Your answer is just what I want.

    If you know more, just tell me.

    Thank you again~


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