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急件!!英文好和愛陶吉吉的大大 幫幫我吧 贈20點







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    姓名 Name:陶吉吉 David Tao Zee


    本名 Real Name:陶緒忠姓別 Sex:男 Male出生日期 Date of Birth:July 11, 1969籍貫 Nationality :上海 ShunHai身高 Height:178cm星座 Horoscope:巨蟹座 Cancer大學 University:UCLA主修 Major:心理學 Psychology副修 Minor:電影 movie最喜愛的歌手 Favourite Singer:Sting,Artetha Fraunklim,Marvin Gaye,Steve Wonder,The BeatlesThis fanlisting is for my favourite asian male musician, David Tao. My fanship for him came about in quite a haphazard manner :) I remember seeing him on MTV and being completely unimpressed (it was, unfortunately, the era of boybands at the time). A few years later I suddenly found myself listening to 'Just Friends (Pu Tong Peng You)' and being completely spellbound, even though I've heard it once before. After buying his album, I had a very pleasant surprise - not only was his musical style beautiful, it was also very new and different. David Tao is considered one of the pioneers of asian R&B, and is critically acclaimed for his music. He's one of the few musicians in the region who is real and not manufactured, as well as sincere and (almost) overly talented. Another thing - apart from the music - that makes David Tao stand out amongst his peers is his tendency to speak out, without pretense and hypocrisy, over issues of the world today. Not even the pressure of the media can shut him up once he's got his heart and mind set on something ;) Before becoming addicted his music, the regional music scene was just unbearably dull for me. Wang Lee-Hom, Jay Chou - whoever it was, I couldn't bring myself to like their music; I simply couldn't relate. I've never been into the Chinese language anyway, and it was very difficult for me to listen and relate to Chinese songs. Now, needless to say, I'm a full-fledged Tao-ist. After watching one of his concerts on VCD, I'm more adamant than ever that this man is one-in-a-million. He sings even better live than on the record, and how rare is that? Not to mention he's bubbly, personable and too talented to be true. Can you blame me for being completely smitten with this guy?

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    Famous Taiwan R&B singer David Zee Tao is set to go on his first tour of Asia. Reports say the tour, named "David Tao Soul Power Tour", will start in Hong Kong in August, before he visits Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and finishing the Chinese's mainland.

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