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    Pepper spray


     Pepper spray is a non-lethal chemical agent which is used in riot control, crowd control and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, including chillis. Pepper spray is also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum") or OC gas. Long-term effects of pepper spray have not been effectively researched or published.The scoville rating for pepper spray can be as high as 5,300,000 for police grade and much lower for civilian grade. Generic grade OC spray found in most stores measures about 2,000,000 scoville heat units. However, police-grade pepper spray is available to civilians. Units designed for defense against wildlife ('bear spray') also exist, and can have such dramatically higher heat ratings that they can be strong enough to burn any skin on the body by mere contact. Similarly, 'triple-action' sprays containing CS tear exist, which will be stronger per heat unit.In the UK, where it is classed as an offensive weapon, the sale and possession of pepper spray is illegal.In Washington, D.C., possession of pepper spray must be registered with the DC Metropolitan Police.In Sweden it is classified as an offensive weapon and possession of pepper spray require a licence. As of writion no such license has been issued.A synthetic counterpart of pepper spray - pelargonic acid morpholide - was developed and is widely used in Russia. Its effectiveness compared to natural pepper spray is unclear.

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    Pepper spray

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