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我想要請問Levi Strauss Japan的核心競爭力(core competency)或是Firm Specific Advantages 或是Country Specific Advantages




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    Country Specific

    japan is the biggest vintage jeans market & at the highest transaction price (check this in eBay and Japan yahoo auction.

    Also good reference will be "jean style" sep issue which illustrate the price of true vintage clothing cost. 505-1969 Levi's unused will be about 250,000 yen.

    besides vintage, Japan is also a trend-leading countries especially strong in street fashion which favour jeans market and helped levi's.

    Third, Japanese co. like to "copy authentic, then replicate, improve and win" that you can see from Honda and Evisu .... thus, Japanese like authentic very much for some reason and Levi's is authentic since it invented jeans.

    Firm Specific

    (1) Levi's is Global brand with product development centre all over the world and they can exchange trend and design info (refer to "Taiwan Cool Magazine, Sep issue")

    (2) Tokyo PDC has invented Circle R and FENOM (H.fujiwara collabo brand) ...very design centric

    (3) They run beautiful boutique of Levi's in fashion area like omotesando, shibuya,... and famous one was LVC, Tab device & arcuate (please see "Taiwan Cool Magazine, Oct issue")

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