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Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) is a subtropical fruit native to the southern

Part of China. In India, litchi is grown extensively in northem Bihar (Muzaf-

farpur), in western Utter Pradesh and in some parts of West Bengal. Among

various fruits grown in India, litchi occupies a special position because of its

high nutritive value, good taste and pleasant flavor (Gaur and Bajpai 1987).

However, marketing in fresh form is restricted because of the high perishable

nature of the fruit, lack of proper postharvest technology and the short harvest

season that lasts for 6-8 weeks between May and June (Revathy and Narasim-

ham 1997).

Litchi fruits, being highly perishable, lose their bright red skin color

within a few days of harvest when kept at ambient conditions, It is widely

accepted that browning of litchi pericarp is due to polyphenol oxidase activity

and is delayed by reducing fruit desiccation through increasing relative humid-

ity and lowering of storage temperature (Underhill 1992). Fruits packed in

polyethylene bags and stored at 22C reduced browning. However, rotting

posed a problem even when litchi fruits in polyethylene bags were stored at

2C (Paull and Chen 1987). Fumigation with sulfur dioxide (75-125 mL/kg)

is used to control postharvest browning of litchi. However, use of SO2 forms

a colorless anthocyanin-SO3H complex that bleaches the natural red color of

litchi fruit. Recent work by Zauberman et al (1991) demonstrated the value

of acid dips, in which the original red color pericarp could be restored after

SO2 treatment. They used a 10-min dip in sodium metabisulfate (60g/L)

Solution followed by a 2min-dip in 4% HCL.


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    介紹荔枝(荔枝chinensis Sonn 。) 是一個亞熱帶果子當地人對中國的南部的部分。在印度, 荔枝廣泛地增長在northem Bihar (Muzaf-farpur), 在西完全Pradesh 和在一些西部孟加拉的部分。在各種各樣的果子之中被種植在印度, 荔枝充任一個特別職位由於它的高營養價值、好口味和宜人的味道(Gaur 和Bajpai 1987) 。但是, 營銷以新形式是限於由於果子的高易腐爛的本質, 缺乏適當的收穫後的技術和持續6-8 個星期在5月和6月之間的短的收穫季節(Revathy 和Narasim 火腿1997) 。荔枝果子, 是高度易腐爛的, 丟失他們明亮的紅色膚色幾在天內的收穫當保持在四周情況, 它廣泛被接受變褐荔枝果皮歸結於多酚oxidase 活動和由減少延遲果子乾燥作用通過增加相對濕度和降下存貯溫度(Underhill 1992) 。果子被包裝在聚乙烯袋子和被存放在22C 減少變褐。但是, 爛掉提出了一個問題既使當荔枝果子在聚乙烯袋子被存放了在2C (Paull 和陳1987) 。熏蒸以二氧化硫(75-125 mL/kg) 使用控制收穫後變褐荔枝。但是, 對二氧化硫的用途形成漂白荔枝果子的自然紅顏色的無色的花青素SO3H 複合體。最近的工作在Zauberman 等(1991 旁邊) 展示了酸垂度的價值, 原始的紅顏色果皮能被恢復在二氧化硫治療以後。他們使用了10 分鐘垂度在鈉metabisulfate (60g/L) 解答被跟隨2min 浸洗在4% HCL 。

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    各式各樣的名器自慰套都有,價錢公道 品質好


    所以你可以放心購買喔 非常的有保障

    而且滿1000 免運費 多種運送方式,



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