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To carry out its mission, the FBI needs men and women who can fill a variety of demanding positions. To qualify as an FBI Special Agent, you must be a U.S. citizen, or a citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands, at least 23 and not have reached your 37th birthday on appointment. Candidates must be completely available for assignment anywhere in the FBI's jurisdiction, have uncorrected vision not worse than 20/200 (Snellen) and corrected 20/20 in one eye and not worse than 20/40 in the other eye. All candidates must pass a color vision test. Special Agent applicants also must meet hearing standards by audiometer test. No applicant will be considered who exceeds the following: a) average hearing loss of 25 decibels (ANSI) at 1000, 2000, and 3000 Hertz; b) single reading of 35 decibels at 1000, 2000, and 3000 Hertz; c) single reading of 35 decibels at 500 Hertz; and d) single reading of 45 decibels at 4000 Hertz. Candidates must possess a valid driver's license, and be in excellent physical condition with no defects which would interfere in firearm use, raids, or defensive tactics. Applicants must possess a four-year degree from a college or university accredited by one of the regional or national institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. 特殊專長Accounting/Finance (Accounting/Finance Degree/CPA/or at least 2 years relative work experience)


Science (such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Nursing, Bio-chemistry, Forensics, Medical Specialties, etc.)

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    執行它的使命, FBI 需要能填裝各種各樣的demanding 位置的人和婦女。合格作為FBI 特別代理人, 您一定要是美國公民, 或公民北馬力安那群島, 至少23 和不到達您的第37 個生日在任命。候選人必須完全地依照指示到任何地方執行任務且遵守FBI 的司法, 視覺在未矯正時低於20/200 (Snellen) 且矯正後任一隻眼睛20/20 和另一隻眼睛不超過20/40 。所有候選人必須通過顏色視覺測試。

    特別代理人申請人必須還符合聽力標準由測聽計測試。申請人不得超出以下: a) 25 分貝耳平均聽力喪失(ANSI) 在1000 , 2000 , 和3000 赫茲; b) 35 分貝耳單耳聽力在1000 , 2000 , 和3000 赫茲; c) 35 分貝單耳聽力在500 赫茲; 並且d) 45 分貝耳單耳聽力在4000 赫茲。

    候選人必須擁有一個合法的駕駛執照, 和在良好的正常情況下情沒有在使用火器、襲擊, 或防禦戰術上的瑕疵。

    申請人必須擁有4 年的學院或大學程度從由地方或全國協會協會的當中一個檢定由美國教育部長認可。

    Accounting/Finance (Accounting/Finance Degree/CPA/or 至少2 年相對工作經驗)








    科學(譬如物理、化學、數學、生物、護理、生化、辯論術、醫療專業, 等。)

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