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那個..."謝謝 可是有沒有可以用比較簡單的單字呢>”<因為這是高二作文,我怕老師會無言= = ...

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    Internet have already become modern society in indispensable thing, it conjoins section each country, let people even if separate vast ocean, can know all terrestrial information too, can get in touch with exotic friend, or do on line study, or trade, many matters beats keyboard, point of mouse, can finish, many convenient, let her become now important invention quite.

    Family is at each, most all have can go on line computer, go old man from children, all can convenient use it, Ni have no chance look news, can go home look netnews; Ni can't find person ask problem, Ni can seek answer at on line.

    But net has shortcoming too, many youths' abuse, is used for peccancy, use too many times play on line game, expend daylong all on at play, such situation, but let internet, make one disturbing.


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    The internet has become something that society cannot live without in today's world. It can connect different countries together with one another and allow people, who are separated by vast oceans, to be able to gain knowledge all around the world.


    It provides as a communication for friends living in another country, or as a tool for online learning, or even doing trades. Many things can be achieved with a few punches on the keyboard and a click of the mouse. Because of its convenience, the internet has become one of the greastest inventions.


    In every family, most people have a computer that can go online. From children to the elderly, they all have the access to the convenience of the internet. If you didn't get a chance to catch the news, you can go online at home and watch the online news. If you cannot find someone to answer your queries, you can go online to search for the answers.


    However, the internet also have its downsides. Mant teenagers use the internet for the wrong reasons. They either use it to commit crimes and violate the law, or spend too much times playing online games. They can waste the whole day away on online games.

    These situations makes the internet a problem that worries people.

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