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菜單 中翻英 (20)

請幫忙將以翻成英文 謝謝








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    Simple salad

    Material : Egg , carrot , potato , spurts beautifully , black pepper

    (1)Poach all the egg , carrot , potato

    (2)To eat material go outer cover and skin , join beauty to spurted and mixed and pounded to pieces step (1)

    (3)Add a little black pepper in the step (2 )

    (4)Putting the refrigerator after putting the finished product coolly

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    A simple salad

    INGREDIENTS: Egg, carrot, potato, mayonnaise, black pepper

    (1) Boil the egg, carrot and potato

    (2) Remove the peeling and shell off the ingredients from step (1). Add in mayonnaise. Stir and crush the ingredients.

    (3) Add a pinch of black pepper

    (4) Allow the salad to cool down, then refridgreate it.

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    Simple salad Material:egg,radish,potato,mayonnaise,black pepper (1)Egg,radish,potato all the water cooks (2)Go to the food material of the step(1) the outer shell and skin, join the mayonnaise agitation to pound into pulp (3)Join the few black pepper in the step(2) (4)After placing the finished product cool be putting into the refrigerator

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    Basic salad

    Preparing : Egg , carrot , potato , Mayonnaise , black pepper

    (Step 1) Cook egg, carrot, patato with boiling water.

    (Step 2) Peel and cut. Put into bowl and mix with Mayonnaise, then smash.

    (Step 3) Pour some black pepper during step 2.

    (Step 4) Put in refrigerator before service.

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    Simple salad


    The egg, the red radish 蔔, the potato, is beautiful is incites, the black pepper

    (1) the egg, the red radish 蔔, the potato all water boils

    (2) the step (1 the food material goes the outer covering and the skin, joins beautifully is incites stirs the stamp crushing

    (3)center to join few after the step 釭 extinguishes the Xiao J pepper (4) to lay aside coolly the end product is putting in the refrigerator

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