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銀行的專有名詞翻譯 (問句中翻英)..



Q1 先生/女士/小姐 您好 . 要開戶嗎?

Q2 請出示您的護照 / 居留證 ,並先拍個照


Q3 我要開 A一般存款帳戶 B 一般存款帳戶暨證券交割戶

Q4 往來方式 1 有存褶 2 V banking (無存褶)

選擇第2項者 , 必須申請綜合電子對帳單

Q5 全行收付 (通儲)

請設定四位數字_ _ _ _ 為您的通儲密碼

在原開戶行 1要 2不要 鍵入此取款號碼

Q6 1 同意 2 不同意 使用跨國提款功能 (未勾選者視不同意)

註: 只要國外的ATM上 "PLUS" 標誌者,均可使用本行晶片金融卡

提領當地貨幣 (一日最高可領新台幣10萬元折合當地等值貨幣)

匯率以當日國際清算組織公布的為準 , 且每筆交易需支付NTD 70元



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    Q1 Mr. / lady / Miss howdy. Does want to open an account?

    Q2 pleases show your passport / permit of residence, and clap shine first

    (Image only supply one's line save file use, please consumer securely)

    Q3 I want to open A ordinary deposit account B ordinary deposit account and bond a business transaction door

    Q4 come and gos style 1 has save pleat 2 V banking (Have not save pleat)

    Choose the 2nd person, must apply synthesis electron check sheet

    Q5 entire bank receives pay (Go to store)

    Please set up four numbers _ _ _ _ for your go to store password

    At original bank of deposit 1 wants 2 not key enter this draw money number

    Q6 1 agrees to 2 do not agree use multinational draw money function (Do not hook select person consider do not agree)

    Zhu : as long as on is exotic ATM "PLUS "Symbol person, can use one's line chip finance card average

    Carry lead coin local (Highest can lead new Taiwan currency 100, 000 dollars worth equivalent to equivalence coin local on the first day)

    Exchange rate international clearing organization announced as standard that day, and each sum of bargain need to pay NTD 70 dollar

    Factorage and carry lead amount's 1.1% for net service charge

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