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Wanted an English tutor!

Thank you for reading this.

I and my partner are going come back to Taipei from Australia in early Dec. We've decided continuously praticing and getting improvment in learning English, therefore we are looing for a native English tutor who can help our writing skill improved and correct our grammar in speaking, pronounciation as well.

The tutor fee we will offer will be basically NT$800. If you are available any two days on Mon to Thu after 8pm, please contact me.

Email Address:


seriously looking for a private tutor, not translating this piece of writing. BTW fasulau's answer is quite helpful, thanks a lot.

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    The Wanted message was "fairly well" written. I figure you wanted to perfect your writing, improve "nativeness" in speaking, and pronunciation.

    If you do not insist on a "native" English tutor, you may be able to contact an international (former U.S., Australia, Canada resident) English tutor at the following Yahoo! Club.

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    再享超值優惠$ 20,000現金折扣或 免費60堂課 2選一

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