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放置Temporary Pacemaker之適應症

放置Temporary Pacemaker之適應症請問有哪些?

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    1.有症狀之心跳徐緩 :sinus node dysfunction, AV block,手術後 heart block 。

    2.藥物中毒, 如 digitalis, propranolol, verapamil; 或電解質不平衡, 如鉀過高或過低時可在 ICU 內 on 暫時性節律器。

    3.術後以pacemaker 確保心律或使暫時性受損的心肌維持相當速律以提供足夠的心輸出量。

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    放置Temporary Pacemaker之適應症1.Sick sinus syndrome 2.Bradycardia with congestive heart failure 3.Complete heart block 4.Acute myocardial infarction complicated by heart block 5.Sinus bradycardia 6.Cardiac arrest with ventricular asystole 7.Atrial and/or ventricular ectopic arrhythmia 8.Postoperatively after cardiac surgery 9.Temporary application during implantation or exchange of permanent pacemaker

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