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有"主題"的英文對話 ~需要一篇有由2人共20句(一人10句)的英文對話!內容必須要有連貫性!還要附有中文翻譯喔~

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    John: Good morning.

    約翰: 早安。

    tailor:Good morning.


    John: I've come for my suit fitting. Is it ready?

    約翰: 我來試穿我的西裝。 做好了嗎?

    tailor: Yes, here it is. Let me help you.

    裁縫: 是的。在這兒。我來幫您。

    John: Good. It looks great.

    約翰: 不錯。看起來很棒 。

    tailor: Let me help you.

    裁縫: 我來幫您(穿上)。

    John: It's a little too tight under the right arm.

    約翰: 右手臂下面有點緊。

    Tailor: I'll let it out a bit. Don't worry.

    裁縫: 我會把它放鬆一點。別擔心。

    John: Don't you think the jacket is a little loose around the waist?

    約翰: 你不覺得上衣的腰身有點鬆嗎?

    Tailor: It seems so. I'll take that in a little.

    裁縫: 看起來是的。我會在這兒收緊一點。

    John: When will the suit be ready?

    約翰: 這西裝什麼時候能做好?

    Tailor: In two weeks

    裁縫: 兩個星期內。

    John: Why does it take so long?

    約翰: 為什麼要那麼長的時間?

    Tailor: Normally, it takes three to four weeks.

    裁縫: 通常,需要花三到四個星期。

    John: Don't you have express service? I'm leaving town next week.

    約翰: 你們沒有急件服務嗎? 我下星期就要出城了。

    Tailor: Yes, we do offer express service.

    裁縫: 是的,我們當然提供急件服務。

    John: That's wonderful. How about the charge?

    約翰: 太好了。 如何收費呢?

    Tailor: The charge for the workmanship is double.

    裁縫: 手工費要加倍。

    John: That's OK. I have to get this suit by early next week.

    約翰: 沒關係。我必須要在下週初拿到這套西裝。

    Tailor: Don't worry. The suit will be ready then.

    裁縫: 不用擔心。西裝會準備好的。

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