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以教授應用科學與技術,培養具有關懷社會、尊重生命、大愛精神及人文素養之專業人才為宗 。慈濟的志業包括:慈善、醫療、教育、人文四項, 統稱為「四大志業」;另投入骨髓捐贈、環境保護、社區志工、國際賑災,此八項同時推動,稱之為「一步八腳印」。



因為要在一分鐘內報告完!酌量刪減~ 先謝謝各位高手囉!!

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    Kindly aids is the charity which invisible penetrates your me to live, their love is always omnipresent, reliefs disaster from the world ˋ to raise funds ˋ the medical ˋ education.. Continuously arrives the care to live alone the old person to live daily life and so on..... . The general meeting smells Man Man from the air the love and the sincerity concern. Since the technical institute which one near kindly aids I start deeply deeply to realize on the card strict person cultivates our determination, not only the strict request specialized technical standards, meanwhile must have the highest ethical spirit, routine mercy happy shed. Take professor the applied science and the technology, of of of raise has specialty of talented person the concern society, the respect life, the big love spirit and the humanities accomplishment as an ancestor. Kindly aids the will industry includes: Charitable, the medical service, the education, the humanities four items, the general designation is "four lofty aspirations industry"; Invests the marrow donation, the environmental protection, the community will labor in addition, internationally reliefs disaster, this eight items also impel, to call it "step of eight footprints". Future, kindly will aid the big love not only will melt the week which into we will live to suffer, also will be able deeply to plant your my heart.


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