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    下面是找到的資料,只有英文的,找人翻譯吧 = ="


    By assimilating, and evolving the music of Brazil’s bossa nova originators, Canadian duo Bet.e & Stef has soared from performing in clubs and bistros in Montreal to performing in Japan within a three-year span.

    The very character of Bet.e & Stef’s new album “Day By Day” is its intimacy and timelessness. Despite being complex and witty overall, its music feels natural and universal. Primarily produced by Bet.e & Stef with producer/arranger Michel Pepin, who has worked with Rufus Wainwright, and Emmy Lou Harris, it features gentle and reserved guitar by Stef who has a smooth precise voice; Bet.e’s wonderful velvety vocals; and sparse, tasteful accompaniment.

    “We try not to clutter up the songs,” explains Bet.e. “We are with the ‘less is more’ approach. Pauses speak just as much as the notes and make listeners appreciate what’s coming.”

    Adds Stef, “We’re trying to stay timeless with our music.”

    Bet.e & Stef’s singular take on Brazilian rhythms resulted in their striking 10-song debut CD, “Jazz/Bossa Nova” in 1998. Produced by Stef and Marc Dessaulles, it featured such bossa nova favourites as “So Danco Samba,” and “One Note Samba.” “Jazz/Bossa Nova” was a compilation of two earlier released cassettes.

    In 1995, Bet.e & Stef released the five-song cassette, titled “Bet.e & Stef,” recorded for $500. In 1997, the duo recorded another cassette, also called “Bet.e & Stef,” costing $2,000. Montreal music retailers then persuaded the duo to release a CD, resulting in “Jazz/Bossa Nova”.

    Self-distributed and without even an issuing-label name, the CD has been an unparalleled success. Sales of jazz albums in Canada—for either international or domestic acts—rarely top 10,000 units. “Jazz/Bossa Nova,” however, has soared to “gold” status (50,000 units), with sales primarily in Quebec.

    “That’s never been sone by an indie jazz band in Canada,” says Bet.e “People just keep asking for it. They respond to the sincerity of it. There’s a reshness and naivete there. The songs are beautiful, and it sounds like two young cats just singing their hearts out.”

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