龍山寺的特色介紹!要用英文陳述。 龍山寺的特色介紹!要用英文陳述。

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    In the construction form, the biggest characteristic has used the many kinds of roofs, the first palace central committee's form, five two sides western-style small gable and the clock drumtower Lama's -like counter- tune roof, the modelling exquisite was magnificent, all was at that time the Taiwan first appearance technique. In the structure the main hall Spiral -like caisson ceiling, also is entire to see in particular; Stone carving labor careful, composition strict, technique changeable, the character flower-and-bird dazzling is too beautiful to behold; The woodcarving colored drawing on pottery works exquisitely is gorgeous, all became afterwards other temple imitations objects. In 1738 started from, was completed to 1740. 200 for many years, the Mt. Longshan temple has passed through the many times construction, the entire structure is complete "returns to" the glyph, in the traditional temple construction, is one kind of extremely honored layout. In the square, please note the slate material, in which cuts compares the ataxia the part, had the ancient history. Formerly the Taiwan Straits was called "the black drainage", the storm was very big, the immigration all used the flagstone to press the steady cabin, in order to could safely cross the sea to come, but these flagstones, afterwards also used for to suppose in front of the Mt. Longshan temple the partial squares. Again comes, formerly the palace started to appreciate. First, may see in front of the palace has the Taiwan unique cast copper dragon column, under the eaves woodcarving, the colored drawing on pottery, also extremely is all vivid. Especially uses for to support the roof "the mesh dougong", is the Taiwan temple first time creation. Moreover, left side of in the front door stone carving window, the vulture has the splendid Romance of the Three Kingdoms story; Right side has an octagonal bamboo node window, on engraves the bamboo to do, is "竹報平安" meaning. Because main entrance only celebrates when the festival only then opens, therefore usually all enters from the temple gate, the right side gate comes out. Enters to the temple in, as worthy of looking at reverent offers a sacrifice to as very many Buddhism believers does obeisance, the sutras prays to Buddha. Left front the palace, has an incense burner in the courtyard, on the incense burner has "gruff lifts the temple angle" the interesting sculpture. Both sides the courtyard also has the bell tower and the drumtower, early morning strikes a gong, the evening beats a drum, takes the sutras, the Buddhist meeting reminder. From the stone steps the main hall, around the main hall has the corridor, in the porch wall surface, the stone column all has the exquisite stone carving work together, is worth carefully watching. Has entered the main hall, may see the Lord - - view world sound Bodhisattva. In Second World War, the Mt. Longshan temple main hall was once hit by the fire, the palace all destroys, but this likeness of a god or buddha actually has not all damaged, therefore lets the follower even more worship. Arrives Palace and left, the right wing palace, can see very many gods Buddha, some people said "the Mt. Longshan temple is the numerous gods gathers the office", is said in the temple consecrates god Buddha extremely many, is known as the host, attaches the god approximately to have more than 100, may pay attention to Palace in front of a palace pair of character stone column in here, shape vivid, is different with the general temple take "the dragon" as the theme stone column. In addition, is left, the right wing palace entrance flank wall surface, has "red hair Blows the spiral" stone carving, also "gruff lifts the temple angle" with the incense burner on to have the same interest.







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    觀世音菩薩居然變成view world sound Bodhisattva...

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