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馬克安東尼how could i的歌詞與翻譯






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    2 decades ago
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    How Could I How Could I

    Written:Cory Rooney/Gordon Chambers/Dan Shea

    It was a coldest day in December

    A day I always will remember

    I looked into your eyes

    And faced my deepest fear

    I had drifted too far

    Far from you my dear


    So how could I

    Turn away from the one I love

    How could I

    When I know what my heart made of

    Could it be

    That your soul lives inside of me

    How could I ever say good-bye

    Why was I so afraid to tell her

    That for her I would fight a thousand soldiers

    But just like an angry child

    I kept my feelings locked inside

    There were rivers of tears

    Flowing from her eyes

    Repeat Chorus:

    When you fall in love

    You never know how long it lasts

    But the one thing I knew in my heart

    Is that I was fading much too fast

    Repeat Chorus

    #### CITE FROM 'so61 lyrics DB'

    附註 歌手 馬克安東尼 英語 演唱 製作 作詞 Cory Rooney/Gordon Chambers/Dan Shea 作曲 Cory Rooney/Gordon Chambers/Dan Shea 編曲 長度 0:00  曲號 7 專輯 Marc Anthony 發行 Columbia 評分 7 年份 1999/09/28 ↑TOP

    2005-10-24 14:18:31 補充:


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