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我一直找不到 sex and the city 的問題 請看


sex and the city 第六季 最後一集裡面



我實在找不出來 這首音樂的歌名


如果知道的話 可以跟我解答一下咪

好嗎 ^^

非常感激喔 ^^

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    這是第六季 最後一集的所有配樂Song 01: Carrie meets Alek's ex-wife.Gotan Project: Queremos Paz (from the CD: La Revancha Del Tango) Song 02: Charlotte and Anthony go shopping.Billy Stein: Let Me In (Original Composition) Song 03: Sam and Smith go to the hair salon.Deep Area: Mad Love For Ya (from the CD: Mad Love For Ya (single)) Song 04: Sam and Smith don't "do it."Buddha Soul Project: Brazil in My Mind (from the CD: Brazil in My Mind (single)) Song 05: Carrie has lunch with Juliet.Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Snider: Nocturne #3 (Original Composition) Song 06: Sad Carrie montage.Mikhail Baryshnikov: Adah's Theme (Original Composition, arranged & conducted by Michel Colombier) Song 07: Smith gets ready to leave.Billy Stein: Sex Wars (Original Composition) Song 08: Carrie sees her book in a French book store.Bob Christianson: My Book (Original Composition) Song 09: Sam gets Smith's flowers.Bob Christianson: A Welcome Surprise (Original Composition) Song 10: Carrie agrees to go with Aleks to the opening.Louie R.: Reality (Original Composition) Song 11: Carrie and Aleks go to his gallery party. Platform 6: Le Pont de Coeurs (Original Composition) Song 12: Carrie sits alone at the gallery.Louie R.: Reality (Original Composition) Song 13: Carrie and Miranda run.MC Solaar: La Belle et le Bad Boy (from the CD: Cinquieme As: Fifth Ace) Song 14: Carrie and Aleks fight.Jon Hopkins: Lunar Moth (from the CD: Contact Note) Song 15: Big arrives at the hotel.Bob Christianson: The View (Original Composition) Song 16: Carrie runs after Big.Didier Rachou: Big Gets His Groove On (Original Composition) Song 17: Big kiss.Bob Christianson: The Big Kiss (Original Composition) Song 18: Montage of the girls.Jon Hopkins: Cold Out There (from the CD: Opalescent) Song 19: Carrie invites Big upstairsBob Christianson: The Invitation (Original Composition) Song 20: The End.Candi Staton: You Got the Love (Now Voyager Mix) (from the CD: Outside In)



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    下面這個網站超級推薦!!相信一定可以解決你的問題(人格保證,絕不是病毒) (貼至瀏覽器就大功告成了)

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