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ㄜ居然打錯標題對不起喔沒注意看說這是我的期中考所以請各位幫幫我吧拜託我快瘋了 是中翻英啦

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沒有人會嗎 天阿

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  • 2 decades ago
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    Entire class group photo that which I now must introduce am this picture this picture am in our country graduated when travel illuminate is another Wan Liwu cloud weather sunny earnestly Ding Chao that is joyful travel everybody from a north group plays to the south evening in five star classes hotels enjoys its facility white natural law to be crazy everywhere plays our majority of travelling schedules all by Kending primarily us also to go to eastern part sea park that is together a very beautiful place may see the good beautiful sea I lay down in that tin of sea sound was looking the star I also saw the meteor was a pity made a vow without enough time that Was a joyful journey although only had 3 day but that is the entire class schoolmates returns to 11 to play together screamed together that was in the country in 3 years life the most joyful time entirely temporarily forgets the test the heartily amusement although 3 days very quick arrived has thought also a regret but so long as everybody in was together in the best country has graduated the travel already to pass has been very long but I as if also to be able to look by that time scene that kind of joyful this was a travel which I most fondly remembered


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    2 decades ago

    既然一看就知道是中式英文 為甚麼還要交付投票啊 一..一

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    I want what to introduce now is this this photograph of the photograph is my junior high school the graduation trip the hour shines on of whole classes matches to shine on that BE the one more is ten thousand miles of have no cloud clear weather of the shines on of that is a happy trip everyone together all the way plays the south from the north in the evening in the five-star hotel enjoys the daytime of its facilities then crazy everywhere play our greatly part of route of travels all regard Kenting as principle we returned to go to the eastern region of ocean park that BE a very beautiful place can see go to how pretty the sea me lie there hear the sea of the voice sees the stars, do I still see the meteor make a wish unfortunately and too late

    That was a happiness itinerary although only 3 dayses that is a classmate to return together 11 play screams that together is the living medium most happy time of 3 yearses in junior high school to temporarily forget all the examination to play heartily although the joy very fast is to feel for 3 dayseses also some regret want everyone was best togetheronly

    The junior high school graduation trip has already for a long time led but I am as it were can also scene seeing till then that kind of is happy this is I to think of most of take a trip once

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  • 2 decades ago

    =口=||| 應該是中翻英吧

    你好像標題打錯哩... ...

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