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    更多關於酒精的資訊: 酒精相關資訊通報-來自美國國家酒精濫用以及酗酒研究所的資料 Alcohol Alerts - from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 酒精與交通死亡事件統計Alcohol and Traffic Death Statistics 酒精對身體的影響 Alcohol's Effect on the Body 關於酒精的一些事項 -佛羅里達酒精及藥品濫用協會資訊 Just the Facts about Alcohol - from the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association 有害於你的物質-酒精 What's Your Poison - Alcohol 胎兒酒精症候群 Information from the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities 酒精、藥物與胎兒小單元Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit 胎兒酒精症候群協會資源中心Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Community Resource Center 胎兒酒精症候群及其效應Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effect 胎兒酒精症候群資源中心Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Resources 胎兒酒精症候群美國國家組織National Organization on Fetal Alchohol Syndrome 美國國家酒精濫用及酗酒研究所National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 當酒精遇上年輕人的腦部-神經科學協會Young Brains on Alcohol - from the Society for Neuroscience

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