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    金馬玉堂-結婚習俗 在金門的傳統結婚方式中,新郎新娘要進大廳拜祖先時,父母親會把二扇大門拆下來,橫在大門的前面,讓新郎新娘跨過門檻進去大廳,這代表婚後夫妻雙方遇到困難時,可以同心協力渡過難關,因為金門傳統村莊,一個村莊是一個姓,大家都是來自同一個祖先,有著親戚關係,所以不只要拜自己家中的祖先,還要拜同莊其他人家家中的祖先,可是大門拆來拆去很容易壞掉,所以後來改用長凳子代替橫在大門前面,如果鄰居親戚的關係不夠好,很容易就會被捉弄,他們會把長凳子疊很高,再讓新郎新娘跨過去,新郎新娘也不能因為這樣就不進大廳拜拜,這樣子會被村莊的人恥笑一輩子,抬不起頭來。這種種的複雜傳統習俗,照成了現在的金門年輕人不喜歡在金門當地舉行婚禮,大部份都到台灣辦理公證結婚,再回到金門補請喜宴。被捉弄的新郎新娘怎麼跨過高高的長凳子呢 ?有一種工具叫做「樓梯」,就得在長凳子旁準備二個梯子,讓新郎新娘爬上梯子跨過長凳子再下梯子,如果過不去,就會一輩子抬不起頭來。



    13 gifts become , play music

    Golden Horse jade hall - marriage custom

    Get married in the way in tradition in Jinmen, when bride and bridegroom want to enter the hall and visit the ancestor, parents will is it come down to dismantle two gate, horizontal in in front of gate , let bride and bridegroom stride threshold enter the hall, this can make concerted efforts to tide over the difficulty while meeting difficulty on behalf of couple after marriage, because the traditional village of Jinmen, a village is that one is surnamed, everybody comes from the same ancestor, there are relative's relations , so will not merely visit the ancestor in one's own home , visit the ancestor in home of other households with the village , but it is very apt to lose badly that it is dismantled that the gate is dismantled, so used the long stool instead to replace horizontally in front of the gate later, unless the if neighbour relative one relation is enough well, the getting easier very to will tease,they will pairs of stool not long pile is the getting higher very, and then let bride and bridegroom step over, bride and bridegroom can enter the hall to visit and visit like this, will be sneered at all one's life by the people of the village in this way, can not raise one's head. These all sorts of complicated traditional customs, do not like holding the wedding in the locality of Jinmen according to the present young people of Jinmen, the majority goes to Taiwan to notarize and get married, get back to Jinmen to mend and invite the wedding breakfast . How do the bride and bridegroom teased stride the very high long stool? A kind of tool is named ' the stair ' , must prepare two ladders by the long stool , let bride and bridegroom get on the ladder and stride the long stool and put the ladder again , if can not go over, can't raise one's head all one's life.

    Entertaining guests in Jinmen, the custom of every home town is not quite alike , some do not charge the cash gift to guests , is it is it entertain everybody take , many prosperous representative that guest come , friends and family show due respect for one's feelings to like to put directly, people have the more the better, the feast desk is counted the more the better, and someone charges a little cash gift thinking of meaning understandingly , compliment of hundreds of watches.

    In the traditional custom, the husband must prepare ' three eight gifts ' of betrothal money for the bride's family , it is three kinds altogether: 0.4 kilograms of gold , 800 pancakes , 400 kilograms of pork. 0.4 kilograms of gold convert to the cash to cost nearly 100,000 yuan too in the original agricultural society, common people have no idea bear get up, so 8,000,, 800 all right meaning meaning make for representative. 800 pancakes, used for distributing to friends and family, with the village neighbour, tell everybody home to run the happy event. 400 kilograms of pork, will used for distributing to friends and family too, use with the village neighbour, in the agricultural society in early days, life is relatively in privation, take chicken , pork at ordinary times, only in joyous to may be had an opportunity to have wedding and funeral arrangements have, make everybody glad by sending the pork.

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