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    Hello, I acknowledge that there is a position of xxx available in your company, and I am very interested in it. I am looking forward to gain an opportunity for an interview, I believe that my former experience will bring me an adventage to work well on this position.Yours faithfully,xxx

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    To MMODEL阿良,you are obviously using translator to translate that paragraph,shame on you!

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    不會拉 阿良真有趣



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    Hello. I got the message about the job vacancy of your company. I am very interested in this position and hope to have the interview chance. I believe my experience makes me competent in this job.

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    第一個 你是來亂的嗎



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    you good.....I know expensive company now day have.....empty job, I likes this job, hope can and expensive company face test, believe I experience can win this job, please help china change to england, THX

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